Best friend of Cosima Knight

Posted On June - 9 - 2015

Casual talk has changed quickly into true love scene. All because older women who decided to seduce her. First she had been kissing her nose next her cheek and finally lips and neck. This two last parts of body are the most sensitive and it is not strange that young Cosima wanted to continue this awesome game. This very erotic moment was her first experience with other woman.

Yes, it is fact that she has kissed with other girls in her age. But it was only a lessons how to kiss a guy. Girls just exchanged their experienced before first time with boy. But this moment was different. All because this woman is much more older than she is. It’s typical milf who is bored by her husband and look for more attraction. She lives under the same roof with beautiful girl. She is her stepdaughter so they don’t have any inhibitions to make this step.

It will be of course their small secret and her husband and father will never know about it. Then both of them will be in troubles. It can destroys relationship of Cosima’s father. Girl doesn’t want to do so stupid thing it is why she will hide this secret deep in her mind.

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